Posted by: Posterscope SA | April 29, 2009

Johnnie Walker takes big strides in JHB

Alcohol advertising has been revolutionised over the last 5 years with brands taking on large format to showcase their products. Posterscope felt that JWBL and the striding man needed to regain its leadership position in Out-Of-Home. They has to create a format unattainable to any other brand so they looked to the Southern Life Building in JHB and Impact Media. The site spans three sides of this 35 floor skyscraper and is the size of 70 rugby fields put together. It is over 11 00 sm and it took 10 teams of industrial mountaineers, 8 weeks to erect the structure using 14 040 m of galvanised steel cable, 46 800 brass eyelets, 400 anchor bolts  and 3000m of climbing rope. It was such a tough job that 6 of the experienced mountaineers quit due to the enormity of the job and the unparalleled heights.


PR coverage of this sire has exceeded R500 000 in value to date and is only second in size to an outdoor hoarding in Kuwait. The site was also relocated into gift boxes as an extension of the campaign.




  1. This is awesome! SA re going some great work..what a spectacular!!

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