Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 1, 2009

Absa Beach Ball Mania

One of Posterscope’s most talked about campaigns to date is the ABSA  “My bank is everywhere”  campaign that ran over the festive season in South Africa. The creative concept was to dominate the beaches whilst ABSA’s competitors struggled in their own retail space. Beaches were the obvious choice as many South Africans spend their holidays on the beach and many travel to the coasts for this period. Over a 2 week period every single consumer visiting a beach along the 2000km of beaches in SA were exposed to the world’s largest “flying banner” –20m x 60m .The banner was flown up the coast daily for two weeks. Within 10 minutes of the banner flight, thousands of beach balls were dropped onto the beaches using another helicopter. Proving that ABSA always delivers on its promises. 30000 balls were pumped up and distributed within two weeks at over 30 beaches.  They took  60 000 minutes to inflate and could fill the inside of a Airport Hanger. The balls were so popular that people would swim out to sea to get them. The results of the campaign were as follows:

  • ABSA were inundated with calls for more beach balls. 
  • To satisfy demand we ensured that distribution kicked in at Toll Booths on all major roads entering the coastal areas and BP Express Shops in coastal areas.
  • In total 80000 beach balls were distributed.





Posterscope helped ABSA to achieve total dominance over the festive season as well as allowing their bank to stay top of mind with South Africans.


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