Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 1, 2009

J&B Start a Party

For the last few months every town, city, club and tavern in South Africa has experienced J&B’s Start a Party campaign. The brief from Brandhouse was to launch the new J&B campaign in South Africa and establish the mirror ball as an icon. The insight is that J&B is a brand that symbolises the party and with J&B one can Start a Party anywhere, anytime. 

There was a three part strategy developed by Posterscope:

1. Create a teaser campaign to introduce the iconic mirror ball and demonstrate that you can start a party anywhere



2. Placement of the ball in situ to demonstrate the iconic status of the mirror ball in places such as the airports, J&B Met, Whiskey Festival, Clubs and the J&B cd launch. The mirror ball was even seen on Mt Aconcagua in South America.





3. Dominate key consumption zones: taverns in Soweto, Melville JHB and Long Street Cape Town. This included bus shelters, street pole ads, billboards, wraps and contravision.




This fully integrated campaign was one the most exciting campaigns to come out of 2008/2009 and was a finalist for the 2009 Roger Garlick Awards.


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