Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 25, 2009

New outdoor opportunities from ONEGROUP

Snap it

Snap it

Snap its are a new way of sampling – creative and efficient.
Snap its allows clients to hand out samples of their product – whether it’s ketchup, sunscreen, perfume or shampoo – in a creative, fun and colorful way. They can also be used for advertising purposes by brands, handing out branded sunscreen sachets on hot summer days or perfume sachets on a night out at town.
These sachets are extremely strong and durable, therefore can be used in magazines and other hard handled mediums without the worry of bursting.
They are designed with a one hand snap system to ensure easy usage.
It’s a very creative way to get your product sampled or even just to advertise your brand on a daily used product.

Illuminated Boards at Soccer stadiums

Illuminated Boards at Soccer stadiums

Be sure to capture the right audience for your brand by advertising on these illuminated boards at soccer stadiums. This will be main attractions during the Confederation Cup and 2010 World Cup Soccer.

Airplane Branding

Airplane Branding

Always thought the sky is the limit? Not in Out of Home advertising. Make sure that your brand are seen, talked about and top of mind by branding airplanes with your unique logo and colours.

Contact Lana vd Walt at for more information.


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