Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 25, 2009

The World’s Largest Growing Advertisement


An outdoor advertisement was officially ratified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest advertisement ever seen, the world’s biggest billboard has been grabbing the attention of football fans flying into Vienna Airport for the closing stages of Euro 2008. Covering an area of more than 50 football pitches, online betting company Betfair has spent the last four months growing different kinds of plants to spell out the message “NO.1 FOR FOOTBALL AND STILL GROWING!” With dimensions of 1380m by 316m and total area of 436 000m2, local farmers and horticulturists have been working on the field since February 2008. It can be seen on the final approach to Vienna International Airport. The advertisement’s official record title is ‘The World’s Largest Advertising Hoarding’.

It took nine tons of wheat seed, 53 000 marigold plants, 1.5 kilometres of cotton netting as well as rape, camomile, mustard, clover, poppies and grass to create the billboard. The individual letters are 44 metres ‘high’ and up to 41 metres wide.

The billboard area is equivalent of:
50 football pitches
651 tennis courts
62 x London’s Trafalgar Square

You could fit approximately 4 847 222 footballs in it. The length is the equivalent of the Eiffel Tower laid end-to-end 4.2 times or…

5.7 London Canary Wharf tower
7.5 London ‘Gherkins’
1.7 Burj Dubai (when finished – world’s tallest building)



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