Posted by: Posterscope SA | June 5, 2009

OOH going Green



Green energy or renewable energy in the form of advertising wind turbines is the new eco-friendly way to advertise outdoors. The turbine not only serves as permanent outdoor advertising, but also generates power by harnessing naturally-occuring wind, thereby creating power/energy which can be used to provide electricity to the immediate surroundings. The product is a first of its kind in Africa and uniquely combines advertising with electrical power generation for everyday use in houses, offices and infrastructure in towns and cities. The wind turbines are 100% silent and can feed into the national electrical grid via an inverter and would enable peaceful and eco-friendly co-existence between man and the planet.

What is it about?
The world is (or should be) moving towards a greater awareness of the environment, the harm that has come to it and ways to subsist on the planet in a more eco-friendly manner. We are encouraging corporate companies and local government to move towards sustainable energy sources whilst providing advertising i.e. ecologically-friendly advertising whilst providing the companies which adopt the product with huge PR benefits and justifiable brand exposure.

It is also about aligning major sports events with a more sustainable planet-friendly image. It is a step toward stopping Global Warming and using our planet in a more careful and sustainable manner, reducing man’s impact on the environment, in particular reducing our addiction to fossil fuels and using natural sources of power which do not have a negative impact on the environment and which are hugely abundant, such as wind, solar, kinetic energy, to name but a few.

Overpass Outdoor Advertising is leading the way forward through the sales and distribution of these turbines in Africa, which we hope will make a difference in the way outdoor advertising is perceived and implemented; that outdoor advertising can also be sustainable, have other benefits, not only selling product and information, and not “in-your-face” as a form of visual pollution.

Companies are searching for ways to get involved in climate protection. This is where BlueTerra can support you because: BlueTerra Advertising Turbines pay for themselves through the automatic production of energy, as well as uniquely combining advertisement with renewable energy.

With the energy-producing advertising turbines of BlueTerra, you can cover part of your daily energy requirements, as well as demonstrate to the public that you are a responsible company which is concerned with protecting the environment.

When you use the special climate-protecting, CO2-reducing BlueTerra advertising turbines for innovative marketing and future corporate communication, then you receive an unmistakable competitive advantage for your products, enterprise processes or services.

Source: Bizcommunity 05 June 2009


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