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Solar driven Outdoor

Solar driven Scroller

Solar driven Scroller

Revolutionary Green Outdoor Advertising.

The German company DISTEC has developed the first solar-driven scroller for outdoor advertising that generates its own electricity and leaves a zero CO² footprint.
It is a 100% energy self-sufficient system, which can be operated at remote locations and it answers requirement expressed by outdoor advertising companies worldwide.

Heinsberg-based DISTEC GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative outdoor advertising displays and street furniture, announced the availability of the first backlit scrolling display, driven completely by cost-free and green solar energy.

In addition to the German headquarters, DISTEC has factories and joint ventures in the United States, serving the North, Central, South American and Caribbean markets, as well as in Shanghai and Dubai.
Installation can be done almost almost everywhere. Whereas conventional electricity-driven outdoor media can only be installed at locations with direct access to the electrical
grid, this innovation offers a revolutionary new flexibility to outdoor advertisers.

The energy supply by state-of-the-art solar panels of the latest technology and a mounting adopted to each unit offer to outdoor advertising companies the flexibility to locate these scrollers at the remotest locale.
The solar unit uses premium quality monocrystalline panels manufac¬tured by Schott®. The solar unit tracks by means of a two-axis tracking system in an angle of horizontally up to 270°, and vertically up to 85°. This means that it automatically follows the course of the sun and thus generates approximately 40% more power than conventional, static solar cells.

With the Enblue lamps placed inside the scroller, the posters are backlit by special LED tubes which have been optimised for the solar powered system so that they achieve an ade¬quate and, above all, plane illumination of the posters.

The intelligent battery charging control and the scrolling system have been tested for months and are ready for the market. This system achieves a higher yield of usable energy by a very economical energy transfer from the batteries to the scrol¬ling device. The scrolling system itself has also been optimised to fit perfectly into the solar driven system. The battery is located in the basement.

The interest out-of-home advertising has soared with the soccer World Cup championship in South Africa in 2010. “For the outdoor advertising companies the flexibility to install their scrollers temporarily and without the need for electricity is an absolutely new and inspiring aspect,” Michael Schoening, DISTEC’s CEO, pointed out.

Apart from the 18/1 Bogen size, there are larger formats, such as a 6×3 m (46-sheet) scroller, that can be produced. Presently single-sided scrollers with an illumination period of eight hours are available, but the first double-sided scroller will be launched soon.

DISTEC has put a short video on their Website under

source: WONSA


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