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Ama bhokisi containers



Who they are:
amabhokisi, is a company established by businessmen in the Out of Home, Maritime and Property Development industry who have indentified specific opportunities to develop media, entrepreneurial and distribution networks using converted shipping containers as the platform.
By converting shipping containers amabhokisi intend to develop a network that will enable marketers to get their brands and services to reach consumers in a direct manner while addressing part of the myriad of social issue that challenge our country.

Call to action:
amabhokisi have been approached by various Government and Municipal institutions to place converted containers at strategic sites such as Schools, Health facilities, Police stations, institutions etc.
The sites are not limited to only institutions but the converted containers could be sited at just about any location that would fit in with the brand communication strategy.

The Amawethu donor programme:

The “Amawethu” project essentially affords donor companies the opportunity to provide disadvantaged communities with much needed infrastructure immediately.
Shipping containers are converted and each have a door and two windows. This is the basic amabhokisi offering, however, they are not limited to this entry conversion.
The converted containers will carry donor branding in the form of a 1.5 m x 6m facia that will be erected on the roof of the containers.
The facia shall have two branding faces and enjoy street way prominence as well institution side facings.
In addition to this the entire container can be wrapped in brand or service advertising.
Corporate’s, NGO’s and Aid institutions are invited to donate the converted containers to the selected institution.
In turn, for their donation the donor shall be entitled the to flight advertising material on the container for a period of 24-months.
The containers measure 6m x 2.4 x 2.4 m and are converted so that they can be used as:
Storage facilities
Temporary and or additional classrooms.
Change rooms
Temporary clinics
Satellite Police stations
Amongst other usage.
These converted containers are placed on site and delivered at no cost to the institution concerned.
At the completion of the initial “Donorship” period of 24-Months the converted container shall remain on the property of the beneficiary for their use.
It will be the responsibility of amabhokisi to secure future “Donorships” for these containers.

Additional features:

The opportunities to reach and talk to the local communities and consumers in and around the area where the container is placed is wide open.
Add on services can include the following face to face communication and support services:
Sampling campaigns
Brand communication in the form of brand lectures and product knowledge educational’s.
Feeding schemes
Pamphlet distribution.
Brand activation points

Be part of the upliftment of Communities and make a real contribution!


For more information contact Kyle Sarkas at



  1. Perhaps Container Ads could be of help. We have been in existance since 1998 using converted shipping containers for outdoor marketing and brand building. We are the most successfull company in this field having successfully implimented promotions and campaigns for many leading brands over the years including, Omo, Guiness, Shopright, Pantene, Sunlight, Sunsilk, Homemakers fair and many many more. Speak to Peter Baker on 083 244 2265 for more info.

    • Hi there

      Thanks for all your feedback and comments. We have already posted something on your great medium.

      If you ever have any more interesting opportunities please send them through and we will post them on the blog.

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