Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 20, 2009

McDonalds and Graffiti 24/7

McDonalds 24/7 with Graffiti

McDonalds 24/7 with Graffiti
As part of a large-scale, national advertising campaign surrounding the launch of its new 24/7 restaurant offering, Posterscope and  McDonald’s™ has expanded upon its mobile branding campaign which originally included Taxi Top advertising, to now incorporate 20 branded Mini Cabs. In addition to the new branded Mini Cabs will also be a new 24/7 TV commercial to be flighted on the digital screens inside 100 Cabs across the country for the duration of the McDonald’s™ 24/7 campaign.

Designed and branded by vehicle branding specialist and long time supplier of Posterscope, Graffiti, the 20 Mini Cabs have been branded with McDonald’s™ 24/7 messaging specially crafted out of reflective vinyl, allowing it to be highly visible at night and alerting nighttime revellers and late night workers to the fact that McDonald’s™ is now open 24/7. To take their mobile advertising even further, McDonald’s™ has taken its 24/7 message inside the vehicles where the 24/7 TV commercial will be flighting on a continuous loop on 15-inch, high definition LCD digital screens with full sound inside the Cabs. And just to make sure the message does not go unnoticed, passengers inside each Cab will also be able to obtain flyers featuring a complete list of all McDonald’s™ 24/7 restaurants.

Comments Daniel Padiachy, Consumer and Business Strategy Department Head at McDonald’s™: “The branded Mini Cabs form the second phase of our mobile branding campaign for the 24/7 launch and it ties up nicely to the drip strategy or teaser campaign we created through the Taxi Top advertising. Add to this the looped 24/7 TV commercial and the flyers inside the 100 Cabs and I think we really have maximised our mobile media options.”

The McDonald’s™ 24/7 mobile advertising campaign will also be supported by print, TV and radio advertising as well as a DJ competition that will be held across eight student campuses around the country. Hosted in partnership with MTN, the DJ winner will receive a recording contract on MTN’s Exploded Platform. The entire competition will culminate with the winner announcement at a VIP function at McDonald’s™ Gandhi Square in Johannesburg to which McDonald’s™ will ferry VIP’s to and from the event utilising the branded 24/7 Mini Cabs and ultimately use all the vehicles to create a powerful branding experience at the event.

Comments Graffiti Director, Natalie Cloete: “The McDonald’s™ 24/7 campaign is an extremely comprehensive and thorough example of how extensive and thought-provoking mobile media can be. McDonald’s™ has also cleverly demonstrated how well mobile media can work in conjunction with other traditional media by utilising their 24/7 TV commercial inside the Cabs. It’s a very well crafted campaign and I’m sure the results will be impressive.”

Ends Padiachy, “We’re very happy with our decision to go with a large-scale mobile media campaign – this is a first for McDonald’s™ and we believe it puts the brand into a different category. With so many different 24/7 branded vehicles on the roads and the eye-catching nature of the medium, our brand has become highly noticeable and is working for us in more than one place at any given time.”



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