Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 22, 2009

OOH – The Steri Stumpie Playground

Hoot if you are a fan!

Hoot if you are a fan!

King James had to ensure Steri Stumpie is entrenched as the preferred flavoured milk in the hearts of young South Africans by tapping into their own personal associations and moments with the brand.

‘Everyone has a favourite’ became the key messaging because, simply put, it’s a truth about the brand. Steri Stumpie has consumer driven fan sites on social networking communities such as Facebook, where the most popular discussions focus around which flavour of Steri Stumpie is everyone’s favourite. This insight was built into the campaign, providing adorers of the brand a more tangible and exciting platform and means to engage with the brand – they created a Steri Stumpie playground.

Top-of-mind awareness in the form of billboards , supported by an Official Unofficial Ambassador’s Program which is run off the Steri blog ( and a new flavour promotion, which will roll out later in the year. Parmalat trucks have also been branded with the campaign look and feel, and calls for consumer to “Hoot if you’re a fan”. They have already received information back from consumers via Twitter commenting on hearing people hoot in response to seeing the trucks.

What a creative use of OOH 🙂

steri stumpie pop


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