Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 30, 2009

Virgin Active launches Zumba Dance!

Last Friday night, Long Street saw an ambush of Zumba dancers. South American flair has come to South Africa!

The new and exciting South American dance class called “Zumba” has come to Virgin Actives Health Clubs around South Africa. To launch this new dance class, Posterscope put Virgin Active up on the iconic Cape Town site at the top of Long Street with the message “Dance yourself Sexy”. To utilise the fact that Virgin Active have this great site for a month, they wanted to have an activation that would run on Long Street and culminate at the top of Long Street underneath the site. Virgin Active wanted to break the mould and do something completely different and unique in celebration of their Zumba dance class launch!

The activation comprised of a moving ‘dancing billboard’ that travelled up Long Street to end up at the Long Street Zumba billboard. This is a stunt implemented by Idea management company, Ignite, that would allow for Virgin Active to ambush Long Street for a short period and make their mark with all pedestrians and onlookers. The truck stationed at Base One – entered Long on Waal street where it started its energetic journey up Long Street. The truck was rigged with multi coloured lighting, a sound system, dance floor for the dancer/instructors and branding along the side and the front! The branding along the side read “Life is more fun when you move” and the front read “We’ve gone Zumba.” Placed on the truck was about 10-15 dancers and instructors who got the crowd excited and danced Zumba all the way up Long Street. As the truck travelled up Long Street, the following increased behind the truck. The truck then moved to Base 2 which was the 7/11 parking lot right underneath the billboard. Once the truck had stopped, the windows on the actual billboard opened up revealing Zumba dancers in each window dancing to the music on the truck. By utilising the flat bed truck as well as Virgin Active’s site – it created hype on Long Street with people joining in on the party.

It is the kind of stunt that is unique and drives interest for the brand and the new dance class. People driving past were hooting, fire trucks put their sirens on for the truck as well as onlookers in the bars along Long Street all had the cellphones/cameras out!

For the launch of such an exciting dance class – this OOH idea and activation needed to be fresh, energetic, passionate and completely unique! By using the flat bed truck, it allowed Virgin Active to showcase what Zumba is all about and how exciting it really can be as a form of exercise. By utilising the billboard, it extends the value of it for the brand. By incorporating the billboard into an activation – it allows the billboard to ‘come alive’ and truly live the message that it conveys!







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