Posted by: Posterscope SA | August 14, 2009

OCS is watching you!

OCS Logo

Have you ever wondered what people are thinking whilst sitting in traffic?

Posterscope has this and many other answers to consumer behaviours in the form of OCS (Out of home Consumer Survey), the most in-depth single source of media, marketing and consumer targeting in the world.

OCS is the only study that can make bespoke consumer segmentations truly actionable through communication and has enabled many top companies to identify and understand key consumer opportunities with fine precision. This detailed and groundbreaking report delivers insight into media usage, media moments and personalities as well as receptivity towards commercial messages across 50+ digital, experiential and media channels. To add to this, OCS gives marketers as well as media planners and buyers deeper knowledge of categories, competitors and consumers.

Through an understanding of trends and their implications on communications, it drives more engaging communications and delivers efficient results in terms of targeting and budgeting. “OCS should be seen as the heart of any media planning process driving communications strategy, channel selection and media implementation amongst other things and we are delighted to have been the pioneers in a such a revolutionary study such as this,” said Dawn Rowlands, Managing Director, Posterscope.

OCS is a global researched tool currently conducted 10 markets covering 85% of global advertising spend. Posterscope is the only communications agency with this tool at its disposal globally. OCS is based on a solid sample of 100,000 respondents. Locally, a sample of 2,000 respondents from all regions of South Africa took part in a 60-minute questionnaire. The study is conducted annually and re-contact studies can be completed 6-months after the benchmark study. The full report is available free of charge to Posterscope South Africa clients and can be purchased directly through them by other interested parties.



  1. Sounds great.

    Could someone contact me to explain what the cost would be for corpman to make use of this tool ” OCS “.

    I read posterscopes mandate whereby it has set itsself the objective of growing OOH ad spend by 10% per annum theirby increasing your own turnover in tandem.

    What would Corpman Media point of entry be in assisting your company in reaching your objective to our mutual benefit.

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