Posted by: Posterscope SA | August 24, 2009

Airtime Voucher Ads

Airtime Vouchers


Blue label Telelcoms utilise their current distribution of airtime to serve a colour advert directly to the consumer.

More than 50 million airtime vouchers are distributed nationally per month. The vouchers are available through different channels namely:

Bulk (30 million per month distributed to township and rural areas)
Virtual (14 million per month – POS device commonly found in one and multi lane stores)
Vending (4 million per month – found in garages, campuses and spaza shops)
Touchscreen (3 million per month – terminal found in one and multi lane stores)
Airtime voucher advertising allows for your brand and / or campaign to reach the consumer in their hand.
For more information on how to get your brand noticed on airtime vouchers, please contact Posterscope SA.
Kyle Sarkas –
Stacey Rehbock –
Lana vd Walt –


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