Posted by: Posterscope SA | September 2, 2009

Ever wondered . . .

. . . what people are thinking on their way to and from work?

Posterscope SA launched OCS in August 2009.

OCS delivers insights into product usage, media moment and personalities as well as receptivitytoward commercial messages acros 50+ digital, experiential and media channels.

OCS is based on a robust sample of 2000, LSM 4 – 10.

OCS is the only study that can make bespoke consumer segmentations truly actionable through communication.

From OCS we can tell that most people are thinking about work and family on their way to work, while they spend their thoughts more on shopping they need to do and finaces during lunch periods. Consumers also tend to think about shopping and finances on their way home from work, but ask the question ‘what’s for dinner’ mostly during this period.

OCS Thought patterns

OCS Thought patterns


For more information on OCS and how to get your hands on this, contact Dawn Rowlands at or Lana vd Walt at

Alternatively give us a call at 021 794 0860.


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