Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 1, 2009

Billboards stand tall in ad industry

In times of recession, companies need proof that their chosen method of advertising works. The recent OCS (Out of home consumer survey) conducted by Posterscope South Africa has released statistics that show that billboards are the out of home advertising method that is still the way to go in raising brand awareness.

A sample of 75,000 consumers worldwide, including 2,000 in South Africa, was asked to indicate how much they believed out of home advertising in various areas influenced their opinions on brands and companies. Billboards came out tops; way ahead of more modern digital methods of advertising such as plasma TV’s in shopping aisles. 85% of respondents said that they were the main advertising method that caught their attention in shopping centres and supermarkets. 73% of the sample noticed billboards on the side of buildings whilst 70% noticed them at taxi ranks.

“Consumers are spending over half of their days out of their homes and a lot of that time is sitting in slow moving traffic to and from work,” said Dawn Rowlands, Managing Director, Posterscope South Africa, “Lets face it, being stuck in traffic is boring! A carefully planned and clever billboard campaigns will stand out and catch their attention and become a part in their consumer decision making processes. Out of Home Advertising fills time as opposed to stealing time.”

When asked opinions on outdoor advertising, 80% of the respondents actually noticed billboards when out and about in the city and 78% agreed that these giant adverts make their journeys more interesting and are a good way of passing time whilst travelling. Compared to all other advertising methods that are generally noticed, billboards came out best at 42% – ahead of television, cinema and radio adverts.

An interesting observation is that billboards are one of the most effective methods of advertising financial services such as insurance with 73% of respondents saying that these adverts prompted them to do their homework on a particular financial services company.

Driven by Posterscope South Africa, OCS is the first of its kind in South Africa and is the heart of media planning processes driving communications strategies, this ranges from channel selection to media implementation amongst other categories. OCS was conducted to a variety of consumers – taking into consideration their lifestyles and thought patterns during their daily activities. The buyer knowledge offered to marketers by OCS is through outlining categories, content, personalities, motivation, engagement, responses, amongst other key areas.


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