Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 6, 2009

75,000 consumers want brand attitude!



Building and maintaining a positive perception for a brand is key and understanding the ins and outs of consumer attitudes towards various advertising mediums is vital to the success of any brand communications campaign. Posterscope South Africa recently revealed OCS, the out of home consumer survey which scrutinised 2,000 consumers’ attitudes, thought patterns and feelings influence their perceptions towards brands and their advertising campaigns. The survey was also conducted in other territories worldwide with a total sample of 75,000 consumers.

One of the findings from the survey is that above 80% of the respondents said that magazines and newspapers influenced their brand perceptions, whereas cinema was way down the list with only 57% admitting that their feeling on a brand is influenced by advertising in cinemas. In terms of out of home advertising, billboards came at the forefront of advertising that influences brand opinions with adverts on shopping trollies and in public bathrooms proving to be less influential.

“Matching the sector to the type of advertising can be a challenge and getting it right the first time is vital,” said Dawn Rowlands, Managing Director, Posterscope South Africa, “With OCS, it is possible to pull niched data pertaining to a specific segment and use this data to accurately and effectively design a strategic campaign that actually will work for a brand.”

OCS has broken consumers’ attitudes to brands down even further into brand categories such as cars, finance and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

OCS is the first of its kind in South Africa and is the heart of media planning processes driving communications strategies, this ranges from channel selection to media implementation amongst other categories. OCS was conducted to a variety of consumers – taking into consideration their lifestyles and thought patterns during their daily activities. The buyer knowledge offered to marketers by OCS is through outlining categories, content, personalities, motivation, engagement, responses, amongst other key areas.

For more information on OCS contact Dawn Rowlands at or Lana vd Walt at


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