Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 8, 2009

Mobile Power Stations by Chargezone

Mobile Power Stations

Mobile Power Stations


Chargezone sells unique and innovative brand space, exposing brands to various LSM markets by creating synergies between brands and consumers.

3 easy steps to using M.P.S.
1. User opens any unlocked charge cell and attaches their phone to compatible charge point.
2. User locks their cell with a non retainable key (doesn’t come out if not locked)
3. User unlocks secure cell with key, disconnects and leaves with a charged phone.

Mobile Power stations are a great way to target areas where traditional advertising methods are not allowed. They offer prime positioning, high levels of exposure to a huge market and allow brands to be associated with a hot new service.

This is a well maintained media space that offers effective branding, stylish design and a tangible service.

To find out more about Mobile Power Stations and how to get your brand noticed with this innovative product, contact Lana vd Walt at .



  1. Mobile Power stations it
    Chargezone are going to nail this one.
    Its a must have item for any brand.
    Nice one guys !

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