Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 8, 2009

Will you be taking a ride on the Gautrain?



A lot of hype has been created around the Gautrain since construction began in 2006 and this excitement will most probably run until the Gautrain is completed in March 2011. But, beyond this honeymoon period lies the question of, ’who will use the Gautrain’? In a survey driven by Posterscope South Africa, the Out of home Consumer Survey (OCS) looked at the likely hood of people using the Gautrain, seeing that this will affect the way in which media planners will target their communications through this new platform that will be a complete change to traditional commuter advertising on buses and taxis.

“OCS targeted both private car and mini-bus taxi users as respondents to gain a general overview of the consensus amongst people, this was not restricted to Gauteng dwellers”, said Dawn Rowlands, Managing Director of Posterscope South Africa. “The main questions of this survey included the likeliness to use, the cost of using, the safety risk, and how it will reduce traffic congestion.”

The findings from private car users were as follows; 48% said that they were likely to use, 50% think that it will be a safer trip, 55% think that it will be cheaper than a car, and 55% think that it will not reduce traffic congestion. Whilst mini-bus taxi users’ findings were as follows; 81% said that they are likely to use, 70% think that it is a safer trip, and 47% think that it will be cheaper than a taxi. In addition to this the following findings were made; 40% of non-Gauteng dwellers were interested in the Gautrain, and 27% of non-Gauteng dwellers were not interested. On the other hand 18% were very likely to use, whereas 9% would use if they had had to. The smallest sample of all, 6%, said that they do not do public transport and would never use the Gautrain.

Convenience and innovation have been the biggest selling points of this new public transport venture in South Africa. However the South African market consists of two main groups, those used to the much cheaper public transport system (taxis and trains) and those currently using their own transport/cars.

OCS is the heart of media planning processes driving communications strategies, these ranges from channel selection to media implementation amongst other categories. OCS was conducted to a variety of consumers – taking into consideration their lifestyles, feelings, attention spans, reasoning, influences on perception, sharing of information amongst friends, opinions and thought patterns during their daily activities.


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