Posted by: Posterscope SA | December 1, 2009

Prism Benchmark

Posterscope South Africa, SA’s leading out-of-home advertising agency, has taken the art of buying out-of-home exposure a step further.

The introduction of the Prism Benchmark Tool enables Posterscope’s planners to accurately measure and forecast out-of-home spend across format type, media owner and time of year.

The Prism Benchmark Tool has monitored rates paid on out-of-home over a 3-year period. Amongst some of the advantages of Prism Benchmark, Posterscope now has the ability to distinguish which months have the highest billboard usage, thus enabling them to negotiate lower rates during quieter months. Furthermore, Prism Benchmark allows Posterscope to calculate what rates their clients should be paying on any format, and which media owners are the most cost-effective.

“There are over 400 media owners in the country, which has made it a very complex medium to buy, especially considering that there are so many different sizes and hugely varying costs,” says Erik Warburg, MD of Posterscope’s Cape Town office. “With our Prism Benchmark Tool we can accurately advise our clients on costs, as well as optimal timings and which formats to use.”

Posterscope South Africa is a leader in out-of-home advertising research, having also released OCS earlier this year. OCS is the world’s most comprehensive out-of-home consumer study, giving insights into media usage across many different target markets.


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