Posted by: Posterscope SA | January 6, 2010

World Cup 2010 Legal Rights Seminar

FIFA World Cup 2010 is almost upon us.  Everyone is excited.  But for some the excitement is tinged with concern.  Businesses that advertise in areas that may be affected by the various zones limiting or prohibiting advertizing have become increasingly concerned at the lack of clarity regarding the nature and extent of these zones and also administrative delays in clearly delineating them.  Athletes and their sponsors and representative that earn significant income from the exploitation of their rights are also worried about just how far their rights have been limited or infringed.  What if you have had an advertisement running for years and it now falls within an area that is set aside for particular advertisers?  What if your image has been used to market products and it is now contended that as you are a footballer you cannot earn money from the use of your image?  Important questions fundamental rights including those of administrative justice, immaterial property rights, and a myriad of others are affected.

 Bowman Gilfillan and Posterscope SA are hosting a seminar (one in Johannesburg on the 27th of January 2010 and one in Cape Town on the 28th of January 2010) assisted by the Image Rights Society which has as its aim the advancement of the right to publicity and administrative justice in relation to events such as these to address the issue of importance including-

 1.         What are the laws and rules that affect the event?

 2.         Where can these rules be found and how far do they go?

 3.         What is ambush marketing?

 4.         What are the sanctions for those who engage in it?

 5.         Who will decide if marketing is ambush or not?

 6.         When is marketing proscribed whatever its form?  And for how long?

 7.         What happens to your investment in time and money if your advertising is affected?

 8.         Is it a case of take it or leave it or are there opportunities for lobbying and challenge?

 9.         What does the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa say about all this?

10.        How should you best protect yourself at this stage?

 There has been significant demand for these seminars and we ask that those interested in attending should rsvp to Lana vd Walt at as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


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