Posted by: Posterscope SA | March 24, 2010

IRT Advertising Opportunities

IRT Airport Bus Station

Cape town is launching an Integrated Rapid Transport system that will exhilarate Cape Town by energising the economy and contributing to creating opportunity for all.

The first phase of this system is a bus service that will be launched in November 2010, starting with a network of routes serviced by 16 bus stations and 43 buses.

But as part of their commitment to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the City will utilize the 43 buses and three of the stations to provide transport services that will enhance the World Cup experience.

The opportunity which, in line with FIFA regulations, will first be offered to sponsors and only should they decline the offer, to advertisers not competitors to sponsors, consists of the following:

•Full wrap of the exterior of all 43 buses.

•Interior advertising on all 43 buses.

•Interior advertising at the three stations.

There are two types of buses available (see pictures below).

8 x 18m Buses

35 x 12m Buses

35 x 12m Buses

Exterior of 12m Buses

Exterior of 18m Buses


Airport to Civic Centre

Civic Centre to Stadium

Inner City Loop


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