Posted by: Posterscope SA | April 8, 2010

Interactive Outdoor

Did you know that the original colour of the natives on Pandora of the movie Avatar were actually supposed to be green with pink Polka dots, but when James Cameron saw this amazing body art done by Pepsi he could not resist….well that’s my theory anyway!

Maybe a gross exaggeration! But in advertising we are trying more and more to connect with people and make lasting impressions that stay at the top of everyone’s minds. The world is becoming an advertisers play ground. Much the same as a Lego set, to the point where messages are being submerged in a sea of clutter! The question we have to ask is even though that advert looks good, sounds good, feels good, does it strike a chord with the consumer. Is it a two way conversation between the consumer and the brand? If its not it doesn’t matter how much money you pour into your ad spend, it’s a very expensive way to get rejected.

The above picture is an advert that was posted in 2005 and when I saw it, in my mind it seemed to curb some of the modern day problems that advertising has. By this I mean this piece of advertising can have a real conversation (not monologue), it can interact with crowds, it is very striking and memorable, it can gage reactions and respond accordingly and most importantly it can look you in the eyes when it’s talking to you.

Justine  Kettle

(Junior OOH Planner – JHB)


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