Posted by: Posterscope SA | April 13, 2010

Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada: Get your butt seen

Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) is dedicated to increasing awareness of colorectal cancer, supporting patients, and advocating for population-based screening and timely access to effective treatments.  They ran the campaign ‘Get your butt seen’ in March 2010 to make people aware of the disease.  You could go to the association’s website and choose which kind of butt you wanted to see;  its age, sex, size and “style” (sexy, silly, super-fit, etc).

Impactful visuals of photocopied butts on transit boards, in public washrooms, in the subway, web banners and a TV spot in Toronto and Montreal are the makers of a powerful drive to

Limia Essop

Posterscope OOH Planner


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