Posted by: Posterscope SA | April 28, 2010

Interactive IBM changing colours

The new interactive billboards of IBM respond to passersby. For example, the colour of the billboards change to the colour of the clothing of passersby to mesmerise them, coming to a sudden halt to stare at the billboard in utter disbelief. Certainly an innovative way to draw attention to the ad on the billboard.

IBM has been at it with their Smarter Planet campaign for quite a while now to make people more aware of information around them. IBM believes cities can become more efficient by increasing its incoming data.

Therefore, IBM had a series of infographics, animations and billboards made to expand this message further.
IBM is organising an event ‘Conversations for a Smarter Planet’ for 16 June, inviting all interested parties to attend.

Urban information and data is a current theme. Amsterdam has launched an initiative to use information more efficiently.

IBM just released the online visualisation website, Many Bills []. The so-called “Visual Bill Explorer” is a sophisticated social visualisation of US congressional legislation in 2009, which are organized into collections and split into meaningful sections. All sections are color-coded and labelled to indicate what topic each section is about.


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