Posted by: Posterscope SA | April 28, 2010

Posterscope Scoops ‘Best Use of OOH’ Roger Garlick Awards 2010

A clever advertising campaign honing in on a common human error of leaving a cellphone in a gym or the bathroom of a cinema has been chosen as the top use of outdoor advertising.

The cellphone look-alike decal campaign devised by Posterscope SA for Vodacom mobile insurance won this years’ ‘Best use of Out of Home’ campaign from the Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA and is now among the seven short-listed finalists for the Roger Garlick Award.

Carni Wilkens MD of Posterscope SA, which is part of the world’s largest out-of-home communications agency, says the team is very proud to be the top in the category together with TLC who has had a significant input into the execution of the campaign.

“The goal was to create as much awareness and talkability as possible about the new Vodacom Insurance offering in a way that would catch and hold consumer attention.”
“Malls, health clubs and cinemas in high LSM locations were a perfect fit due to their high LSM nature – Vodacom insurance being a paid-for service.”

“Who hasn’t forgotten a phone on a basin or on the change-room bench in the gym? We thought we would play on this common mistake by creating 3D decals stuck onto strategically selected areas within these venues – representing a real life cellphone that had been left behind or forgotten – something everyone can identify with”.

Posterscope placed lifelike decals on wash basins, on floors in toilet cubicles, on hand dryers (all places where consumers are likely to leave their phones on visiting washrooms). Decals carried messages like ‘A day is too long without a phone’ and ‘Or did I leave at home?’ and right under the message was the call to action SMS number/code whereby consumers could SMS to activate phone insurance.

“The fact that the decals looked so real encouraged consumers to do a second take when coming across one. We were astounded by the hype created around the activation – after the first week decals had to be replaced due to consumers peeling them off and taking them home!”


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