Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 27, 2010

Giant Vuvuzela in Cape Town

Hyundai has seen the opportunity to erect a giant Vuvuzela in the heart of Cape Town to add to the build up of the GEES for the 2010 World Cup kicking off in 14 days time.

Once a useless, unfinished construction site – now a Hyundai Gees icon on one of the busiest highways leading to the Cape Town stadium!

There’s also talk that they plan on connecting a couple of truck horns to the Vuvuzela to make a loud noise to pump the GEES 🙂

This is the kind of creativity we love seeing in outdoor! Well done JDR and Hyundai!



  1. its amazing how flexible the City of Cape Town can be when they are the major beneficiaries of outdoor advertising….we applaud this creative use of outdoor and only wish that they would apply the same creativity to the private sector…….

  2. I think its fantastic to see such creativity, gave the old road to now where some colour. He he , love it. Go bofana!!! Keep that bloody cup at home.

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