Posted by: Posterscope SA | June 8, 2010

Outdoor Auditors completed it’s first nationwide audit!

Outdoor Auditors, which started last year, has just completed its first nationwide audit of all nine provinces, including 200 towns and over 7500 billboards. This data is now available to advertisers in South Africa. The data, reportedly the first of its kind in South Africa, ensures that out of home (OOH) is now planned in a more strategic and accountable way.

René Warburg, MD of Outdoor Auditors says, “Until now this kind of detailed data has not been available to brand managers, media agencies or creative agencies involved in campaign planning. Previously there was little or no competitive analysis, and many would just take their chances about local compliance with regulations.

“Campaigns have been planned and run without taking into account the existing outdoor environment and how a campaign slots into this complicated and ever-changing puzzle. OOH works best when as much information as possible is gathered beforehand, which means taking the environment into account and leveraging it to its benefit.”

Applications of use for this data range from campaign planning to competitive analysis to compliance with regulations, such as FIFA World Cup by-laws and ARA restrictions. Data collected not only includes fields such as size, media owner and site reference number, but also aspects that some advertisers might not usually consider, like run-up, visibility and condition of structure.

The agency collects its data at set intervals several times each year, ensuring it remains fresh and gives an up-to-date snapshot of the OOH landscape.

For more information or to find out how to get your hands on this data, contact Rene at Outdoor Auditors on 073 032 3927 or


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