Posted by: Posterscope SA | June 14, 2010

Heineken Extra Cold Experience

For the launch of the Heineken Extra Cold Experience in Taiwan during the Christmas festival, a special truck was imported from the Netherlands in which it was possible to sample the product in an amazing ice bar at -8 degrees C.

Outside the truck a giant Igloo allowed consumers to put on a chill proof jacket before entering.
To bring this to life and maximize the ‘Word of Mouth’ effect around this very cool time, Posterscope Taiwan created a multi layer campaign that consisted of bespoke liveried street furniture that looked like igloos, frozen models to reinforce the Extra Cold message and liveried busses that toured the city.

A tailor made TVC was made to highlight this OOH campaign (another way how OOH can work together with other mediums).

Journalists from television, press and Internet attended the launch. The campaign appeared on Facebook and created masses of word of mouth and was considered a great success.

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