Posted by: Posterscope SA | June 15, 2010

Glaceau Vitamin Water

To generate buzz and interest within the key trendy youth experience, Heartland-Posterscope identified Joy City and San Li Tun Village as key target environments for the product launch of Vitaminwater.
In order to create maximum impact within each, a number of new media opportunities were developed.

In Joy City a giant sticker was developed which ran along the longest escalator in Asia, 63m in length, going from the first floor straight up to the 6th. An unmissable huge poster covering an area of over 100m2 was also created. This became a focal point for many photo opportunities for shoppers! In San Li Tun Village, a popular shopping area in Beijing, a giant synchronized video was projected onto the building covering an area of 250m2. The creative was matched to the features of the building, giving the impression that the windows were moving outward to the sound of the music being played by giant speakers on the ground. Passers-by were captivated by this amazing effect.


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