Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 7, 2010

The Breakfast Run – by Justine Kettle

Driving down the road on Sunday I could not help but notice the convoy of men on Harley’s for their breakfast run. Wasn’t this such an innovative concept on Harley Davisdon’s part.

This is how you sell a brand – you take a bunch of middle aged men, all going through a midlife crisis and dying to reconnect with their young, bombastic selves. They want to grow their hair long and not wash for a substantial amount of time. They want to play “The Bad Boys from Boston”, most currently known as Aerosmith, at full volume and forget that they have responsibilities, a family and a very STABLE and boring job.

You take these men who crave the excitement of youth. You sell them a bike and a concept of freedom in the form of a Harley Davidson Club. Where it is just the guys, the road, the wind and a great stopover at Wimpy or the likes, and you have free outdoor advertising every Sunday until their wives drag them to the Flower Show or the Fleamarket.

This is what you would call rebellious outdoor, and it’s worked for a century.

Lesson: Direct your outdoor to the right target audience and they will do the work for you!!!


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