Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 22, 2010

The power of OOH

Is out of home advertising really effective? put this to the test in a provocative out of home campaign (which in the process caused uproar amongst thousands of working mommies)

In Britain in January this year, controversial statements such as “Career women make bad mothers” and the anti-World Cup “1966 – It won’t happen this year”, appeared on billboards, busses and subway posters which featured in a national campaign designed to prove there is more effective ways to get a message across than to advertise online.

The £1.25m ad campaign was backed by the biggest media owners in the sector including JCDecaux, CBS, Clear Channel, Titan and Primesight.

Each of the ads asked viewers whether they agree and was supposed to push them to join the discussion on the website

This campaign, that was developed by Beta ( the agency founded in May by advertising veterans Garry Lace and Robert Campbell) was supposed  to run for a two-week period, which would have appeared on 11,500 sites including billboards, posters, bus sides, retail outlets, taxis and even via washroom media. This, however, did not go according to plan seeing that hundreds of women posted their rage, contempt and hurt on the ­ Mumsnet website. Even though the campaign was designed to promote the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as well as spark debate on controversial issues, it had to be removed after only 2 days of featuring.

On the bright side: even though the campaign featured for 2 days only, it was still a huge success seeing that the campaign accomplished what it was supposed to achieve. These ads were designed with the point in mind to show that outdoor advertising can still have an impact and this is exactly what it has accomplished. Even though the discussion on did not pull off the media owners still made their point: outdoor advertising is still dangerously effective.


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