Posted by: Posterscope SA | August 16, 2010

Never feel a bump again : Volvo speedbumps

The campaign’s concept was inspired by the increasing number of traffic speed bumps littered on Dubai roads and which, over time, play havoc with vehicles suspension systems. With this in mind, Memac Ogilvy produced the concept of the ‘soft speed bumps’ which were positioned at the entrance of Volvo dealership parking lots across the region.

James Purdie and Sascha Kuntze, two innovative creatives at Memac Ogilvy Dubai, explained the idea further; “Anyone driving regularly on Dubai roads will know the extent of the speed-bump ‘epidemic’! Constantly going over speed-bumps seriously affects a cars suspension system and it’s never too peasant for the passengers either. Through the ‘soft speed-bump campaign’ we wanted to highlight the importance of suspension and the quality of the system that has been developed by Volvo Cars. When people came to a Volvo parking lot and expected to ‘feel’ a regular speed-bump, they were instead pleasantly surprised with no impact at all…thus indicating the quality of Volvo’s suspension technology and perfectly in-keeping with the campaign slogan – “Never feel a bump again. With Volvo’s Active Four-C suspension””


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