Posted by: Posterscope SA | August 16, 2010



Majority of brand purchases made by women

It’s no surprise that an US study showed that women make 85% of all brand purchases, as they are more receptive to advertising. This seems to ring true locally as well – in a recent local survey almost 90% of South African women said they take note of outdoor billboards and, additionally, it was found they spend 60% of their time out of home.

“What is surprising is that outdoor advertising remains the country’s most under-utilised medium.”

This is according to Carni Wilkens, MD of Posterscope, the world’s leading Out of Home (OOH) Communications Agency, which currently manages the lion’s share of South Africa’s Out of Home spend, and has created a first-of-its-kind ‘Out of Home Consumer Survey’ (OCS) that will assist advertisers in better evaluating the benefit of OOH when planning campaigns.

“The percentage of women (aged 15-34) who notice OOH advertising in the average to high income bracket was 87.47%, just less then this group’s notice-ability of TV adverts, which stood at 88.07%, and cinema and magazines, which came in at 72.59% and 75.54% respectively.

“In spite of the huge exposure created via out of home, it remains one of the most under-utilised advertising mediums in the country – taking just 4.4% of the country’s total media spend, which is surprising if one considers that consumers spend 60% of their time out of home”.

Wilkens says that one reason why OOH isn’t utilised as much as it could be is due to a lack of inventory. “In Cape Town and KwaZulu Natal specifically, there are not many options for advertisers, and the options that are available, are often already secured”.

She adds that historically there has been little accurate data with regards to outdoor in terms of measurability and success. Therefore outdoor has often lost out to other media at the campaign planning stage.

Posterscope’s OCS (Out of Home Consumer Survey) has altered the playing field, by providing the most in-depth single source of media, marketing and consumer targeting in the world.

“OCS is the only study that can make bespoke consumer segmentations truly actionable through communication and has enabled many top companies to identify and understand key consumer opportunities with fine precision,” says Wilkens.

This detailed and groundbreaking report delivers insight into media usage, media moments and personalities as well as receptivity towards commercial messages across 50+ digital, experiential and media channels.

To add to this, OCS gives marketers as well as media planners and buyers deeper knowledge of categories, competitors and consumers. Through an understanding of trends and their implications on communications, it drives more engaging communications and delivers efficient results in terms of targeting and budgeting.

“In Digital OOH we can look forward to a wider variety of formats, adapted to different environments, more day-part planning will enable brands to create specific messaging, and thereby enabling them to achieve effective OOH campaigns. Additionally, materials are getting cheaper and shorter contract periods are becoming more common-place which leads to more cost effective campaigns.

“Out of Home is rapidly evolving and this is likely to impact on advertisers’ spend, as they look for new and measurable ways to get their share of target audience eye balls,” says Wilkens.


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