Posted by: Posterscope SA | August 30, 2010

Revenge is a meal best served on big billboards

YaVaughnie Wilkins, ex-lover of Barack Obama’s economic advisors, Charles Philips, took the term “lovers-revenge” to new heights- literally. After YaVaughnie found out that her lover decided to reconcile his relationship with his wife, she decided to get even by paying for billboards (three in New York, one in Atlanta and one in San Francisco) that are plastered with details of their affair. One of the giant signs is posted on Broadway near Times Square in New York – one of the world’s most prominent advertising hoardings, which proves that she clearly understands that the 3 most important things to consider when wanting your advertising to be noticed are location, location, location.

According to an article written by David Gardner for The Daily Mail, Miss Wilkins spent roughly $250000 on the billboards. The posters, which are three storeys high, show Miss Wilkins and the senior member of the president’s hand-picked Economic Recovery Advisory Board, below his initials and a quote saying: ‘You are my soulmate forever.’

She took her marketing strategy a bit further by constructing a website on which she exploits their 8 year affair. It includes pictures of their travels around the world as well as intimate notes and ticket stubs from concerts, films, sports games and Mr Obama’ s inauguration a year ago.

Moral of the story:  do not tick a woman off, or she might decide to wash your dirty laundry in public and hang it on really high washing lines.


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