Posted by: Posterscope SA | September 14, 2010

Good vs Bad Creative

Too often designers treat billboards like print ads in magazines or newspapers, where the reader has time to absorb all the details of the ad. These designers will fill their billboards with loads of information – trying to cram every last detail about their product or company into the rectangular dimensions. They figure they’re paying for the space, so why not get as much information up there as possible?

Billboard design is not about the details that you cram into the ad. It’s about the message you leave with those who look at it. Don’t confuse the message with the details. They are two entirely separate things.

There is so much information on this billboard, I don’t even know where to look initially. I have less than a second as a driver, and looking at this message is like looking at a bunch of jumbled words with no meaning. This ad is all details, and no message. Forgotten.

The above billboard is not only designed well – by providing a short, immediate message – it gains added value by creatively using the billboards’ own lighting system to make the point absolutely clear.


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