Posted by: Posterscope SA | October 25, 2010

Lexus Campaign

Lexus recently teamed with digital out-of-home media company Outdoor Broadcast Network (OBN) to launch a digital outdoor campaign to promote its new convertible, model ISC 250.

Lexus chose OBN’s large-format outdoor digital screens to help engage audiences with an attention-grabbing creative that changes according to the weather, said the company. When skies are sunny, the weather forecast is displayed on the digital screen along with a larger-than-life image of the ISC 250 convertible with the top down, said the company. But when the weather turns cold or rainy, the top of the convertible zips up.

The weather content is provided to Toronto, Ontario-based OBN through an RSS feed that provides real time ongoing weather updates in each city.

The Lexus campaign for its new ISC 250 convertible uses digital signage that changes with the weather.

The image shows the car reacting to rainy or cold weather conditions.

The image  shows the car reacting to good weather conditions.


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