Posted by: Posterscope SA | November 22, 2010

Hairy Affair

In 2008 Pantene launched a guerrilla campaign to promote Pantene’s Anti-Breakage Shampoo in Toronto, Canada. According to Pantene dangled massive braids of hair from several different buildings all over Toronto, complete with mannequins climbing up Rapunzel’s hair. Free samples were handed out whilst onlookers gathered to have a closer look at the Fairy-tale princess’ hair.

This campaign was used to demonstrate the results achieved when using Pantene Anti-breakage shampoo- in this case: extra-strong-healthy hair.

The master brains behind this campaign were creative director Rick Kemp and art director Nicole Ellerton of Grey Canada Advertising Agency.

This outdoor campaign did not stop in Toronto, according to Coco Perez’s website Disney has teamed up with Pantene hair care products to promote their new animated film Tangled, which will be released November 24 in the USA.

Click here to view the Disney/Pantene collaborated commercial:


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