Posted by: Posterscope SA | December 6, 2010

The power of creative placement

Since we all know that outdoor advertising is largely dependent on the creative, the placement there of should never be forgotten. The Swedish Tennis Veterans campaign is one such client that demonstrated the power of creative placement i.e. excellent use of artwork and the complimentary outdoor media format to match. This is like that stylish tuxedo from Galieks being worn by Mr. Universe…apples with apples you say?

Clients can save money when making use of the power of creative placement to make an impact, versus splurging millions into a campaign and dominating all formats. With technological advancements fragmenting markets further and further, it is imperative that creativity be used especially when out of home is the main medium of communication for a brand. The Swedish Tennis Veterans campaign made use of clever copy directing consumers to their website where they can get more information if they are interested. The visuals made use of a metaphor, using the tennis ball to symbolise the head of an old man with the copy that doesn’t over-explain the punch line, this connection was as intimate as Hansel and Gretel.

The placement of this advertisement on the bus shelters was the condiment of the meal, the champagne after a palatable dish. The strategists knew that their target market used buses to commute and most importantly, they made use of the emergence of technology to direct them to their website as they wait for their buses. This is the power of creative placement, using creativity and placement to take brands to the next level.

By Donald Mokgale

OOH Planner

Posterscope SA


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