Posted by: Posterscope SA | December 7, 2010

Make your environment work for you

Make your environment work for you.

The Unique Sites Advertising & Media Agency, together with TPM Outdoor Productions, in Singapore, are always on the lookout for creative advertising opportunities. They saw an innovative outdoor opportunity by making use of existing water fountains at the Marina Square in Singapore. According to an article posted on 1 Outdoor this fountain is flowing from the second floor to the ground floor, making the display area visible from the ground floor straight to the top.

Organics shampoo (now re-branded as Sunsilk) was their first client to make use of the new wonderful waterfall outdoor advertising. The brand being advertised was for Organics’ shampoo’s “Frequent Wash” range, which message was visually communicated through the use of the fountain outdoor site.

Nippon Paint also decided that this form of advertising would be best to advertise their “weather proof” paint range. They simple used a picture of a house as creative execution, but combined with the fountain advertising it conveyed powerful visual communication.

This form of advertising is a good example of how advertisers can use their environment to work for them.


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