Posted by: Posterscope SA | January 28, 2011

Posterscope UK says: Go Big or Go Home

UK Media Owner, JCDecaux, owns the largest back-lit site within the UK. This site is not just big, bit it has a good location too, which is at the busy railway intersection at Clapham Junction. The billboard is back-and-front lit with 40 spotlights.

According to Out Put Magazine, this site (4.5 x 61m) accommodated the new 2D special-build display promoting Twentieth Century Fox’s film version of Gulliver’s Travels.

This billboard, known as the “Clapham Colossus,” displayed a 41 meter long 2D cut-out of lead actor Jack Black, (who plays the role of Gulliver) tied up by ten 2D cut-out Lilliputians, who used real marine rope.

Chris Green, marketing manager at 20th Century Fox told Out Put Magazine that with Gulliver’s Travels being the biggest movie release of the Christmas period, this unique site offered a perfect way to bring the size themes of the movie to life in front of millions of commuters. Sam Bird, director of production and creative solutions at JCDecaux Innovate added to the conversation by saying that The Clapham Colossus is the biggest single site in the UK and offers the unique opportunity for brands to create the largest special build in the country.

This larger than life campaign was booked with the collaboration of JCDecaux Innovate by Hyperspace at Posterscope and Vizeum.



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