Posted by: Posterscope SA | February 7, 2011

and the cup goes to . . .

Advertising agency Creature, in USA, were given a brief to use outdoor to come up with a campaign that communicated that Seattle really made the best coffee. One would swear this brief made the Creature creative team nostalgic seeing the idea they came up with. It took me back to a time when daddy and mommy had their own special cups they used to drink coffee in, no other cup was to be used when making them coffee other than the ones they have selected, “this cup makes my coffee taste extra strong” my father would say passionately. I always believed it was in their minds until I saw this campaign.

Creature made use of a moment that most coffee drinkers can relate to (some more than others) and created a powerful campaign. They literally went into the mind of a coffee drinker and picked up a relationship between a coffee drinker and his/her cup, stating instead that with Seattle’s coffee, it won’t matter which cup you use as the coffee will remain as wonderful as expected. This illustrated the power of knowing the consumer’s mind set before running to draft a strategy. Seattle definitely takes the cup with this one!




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