Posted by: Posterscope SA | March 23, 2011

Bold Butts

Mobile media has been so overused that most brands no longer see the ‘need’ for it, some feel it’s not impactful enough, well that’s probably because they haven’t seen what Colorectal Cancer ‘Ass’ociation (get it?) of Canada has done. Ogilvy in Montreal were given a brief to create awareness about colorectal cancer, to inform people of it and to get them to visit their doctors for a check-up. With a limited budget, the Ogilvy team used branded buses together with their website to create impact that is, literally in your face.



They used the dimensions of the bus to create artwork that leaped vociferously at anybody beholding it, with their web address as their copy which was a play on words on getting a check-up. They cleverly drove traffic to their website where they were able to give more information about this cancer. They killed 2 birds with one stone, 2 butts with one bus, one bus 2 butts..uhm…you get the picture. This campaign became a brilliant mix of shock and information on what some clients view as a simple bus. It is vital to know the dimensions of the medium you are using to communicate so that you can maximise the impact you wish to create. As displayed, media placement only did half the job i.e. reaching the right audience, the creative did the other half with in your butt, I mean in your face impact!

By Donald Mokgale




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