Posted by: Posterscope SA | April 11, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Billboard

With the inventions of advanced digital media and the increase in everything online, many people are thinking that traditional media is falling behind. However, this is in no way the case.

Increased technologies and advances in creative and innovative thought are also applying to traditional media forms, and outdoor media is no exception. Advertisers and marketers are only just starting to see the extra potential of these forms and using them to break from the usual and to surprise and delight their potential consumers.

Around the world we can see examples of this happening. Japanese advertisers, as a result of the congestion of out of home marketing, have been forced into innovation so to avoid being lost amongst the overwhelming amount of branding and advertising. They have created a technology that allows paper advertisements to move and change through the use of electronic paper – which can be controlled from your office desk.

In Melbourne there are advertisements on buses that change depending on its location and distance from key centres and shops by utilising an advanced GPS system. In Britain there is a Mini Cooper billboard that talks directly to Mini owners by picking up their cell phones through Bluetooth. We have seen billboards that cry, billboards that smoke, billboards that defy their boundaries and expected space. Importantly, we have seen billboards that directly interact with consumers, there are even billboards that interact with other billboards!

As can be seen through these examples and the below video, with an open mind, a brave client and the drive to push what is expected anything is possible. What could have been just another piece of advertising will stay in the consumers memory for the rest of their lives.




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