Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 9, 2011

Anyone for Effective Mobile Advertising?

Mobile media has been known for years to be affective in achieving reach and even frequency for advertisers world-wide. However, what it brings in those two categories is often lost in actual impact. Posterscope UK showed the world that this does not have to be the case with the Pimm’s ‘Anyone for Pimm’s?’ double decker bus.

This bus, besides being seen driving the United Kingdom, was taken to festivals across the country during the summer season. It was set up with a giant bar and entertainment setup serving free Pimm’s. There was also a built in fireplace, leather-bound couches and out-door lounges for satisfied customers to enjoy their Pimm’s with. The implementation was based on CGI 3D mock-ups that allowed every detail of production to be monitored, from concept to completion.

Similar successes has been seen in South Africa by Red Bull who have branded Mini Coopers to accompany promotional and sampling endeavours, as well as a Hummer that converts into an instant DJ booth. These examples are just the beginning of the out of the box thinking that can accompany mobile media as well as illustrating the potentially impactful nature of this medium.


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