Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 12, 2011

The Effect of Media Fragmentation in Billboards

“Media fragmentation” is the buzzword in marketing circles today. Due to this increasing choice and consumption of a range of media, decision making by advertisers have been made more difficult by the accelerating fragmentation of the media market.

Therefore advertising has to spread further, covering multitude of channels to gain the same exposure.

This is where we feel billboards have a better advantage in contrast with broadcast, print and the internet. Unlike the latter billboards have the capacity to capture the consumer’s attention as they are mostly “on the go” and spend a large percentage of their day outside of home? From a 96 sheet billboard, citilites and street pole ads an advertiser’s fight for space in the consumer’s mind is achieved especially if it’s placed alongside highly visible areas that they frequently use when travelling.

With print and even some parts of television slowly losing control over the purchase process and lack new ways of being innovative, billboards have grown to be the third biggest form of mass media (AMPS 2009 A). This is one medium that have grown beyond my own expectations as thinking back five years ago I can’t recall the intensity of seeing so many billboards splurged all at once to me as a consumer. Living in an era where technology is so advanced who knows where the future of billboards will be ten years from now.


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