Posted by: Posterscope SA | May 23, 2011

Positive Predictions

Positive Predictions

The ever competitive market of Out of Home advertising is expected to see a boom globally in the next five years. Media owners are pushing for cheaper rates and improving quality to secure business, and with people continually moving to cities and travelling more than ever it is easy to understand why. The invent of Digital Out of Home advertising is taking a once static medium and replacing it with moving pictures, sounds, and even interactive features with the ability to create true trans-media campaigns.

MagnaGlobal, an international media researcher, predicts that worldwide spending on Out of Home Advertising will expand by 8,3% in 2011. This will make the medium the fastest growing out of all non-internet forms of adverting. Spending on digital billboards and posters is expected to double in the next five years. Furthermore, Eccleshare – who runs the international operations of one of the largest Out of Home ad companies, Clear Channel – predicts that in several first world countries more than 90% of businesses will be digital by the decade’s end.

Clear Channel’s optimism for digital posters is born through their belief in the enormous potential the medium offers in making advertising more effective. Advertisers will be able to tailor their pitch to the time of day: allowing for breakfast specials to be shown in the morning, and drink specials in the evening. Similarly, they can react to events as they happen. In Spain, a Nike billboard was able to instantly congratulate viewers in Madrid on their Soccer World Cup win.

The medium is growing, and so will the creativity and innovation that goes with it.


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