Posted by: Posterscope SA | June 1, 2011

Why Outdoor Media Benefits an Advertiser

Out of Home media (OOH) is one type of media platform advertisers can make use of to communicate its brand messages to its targeted or prospective consumers. In order to understand why OOH benefits an advertiser one need to understand its category and place in the landscape of South Africa media. OOH advertising has a higher recall unlike a 30 second advert on television. The rationale behind utilizing OOH is quite simple especially with the swell in commuters mostly being on the road. At first it’s meant to make you aware of which interest follows and hopefully leading to a sale.

According to All Measure and Products Survey (AMPS) 2009, 85.9% of people had the opportunity to see (OTS) out of home advertising in the last four weeks ranking it the third most consumed media after the broadcast giants, television and radio. Due to consumers spending most of their time outside of their homes advertisers saw this gap to increase advertising as it is visible to all and generates repeated exposure. In simple terms, more people to sell to mean more money for advertisers in the bank.


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