Posted by: Posterscope SA | June 8, 2011

The ‘dirty’ secret

The “dirty” secret

McCann World Group in Thailand were given a brief to market Clean Plus in an innovative and unconventional way, a tall order seeing that Clean Plus is a company that provides cleaning services to all companies.

The mere thought of this brief would’ve sent me into labour but McCann Thailand rose to the occasion by making use of dirty out of home, I mean out of home in a dirty way, I mean making use of out of home to create awareness of dirt in their clients’ offices.

They created posters that had transparent glue on it with Clean Plus logos on it. So at first glance, one would only see the logo and the frame…which seemed very odd in the beginning. The transparent glue had “it’s cleaning time, call us 081 803 0202” written on it, which, after some time, gathered all the dust that was around that frame and revealed this writing. This astute usage of glue, literally illustrated when their clients offices were dirty and needed cleaning.

Yep so McCann’s dirty secret is out, this campaign drove Clean Plus’ clients to come ‘clean’ each time this poster requested them to call Clean Plus such that it increased their revenue by 52%. Clean Plus’s campaign proved that the proof is not just in the pudding, but in the cleanliness of the poster.

By Donald Mokgale.


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