Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 1, 2011

Posterscope’s PRISM SCORE tells you what your competitors are doing.

Prism Scene is the only complete research and planning tool in the market place that allows clients to know exactly what their competitors are doing, where the exact location of every outdoor billboard is and, most importantly, what is going on in every single rural district in South Africa.

“Whilst many OOH agencies claim they are able to give this information to their clients, our product is the only one that is based on actual data. We have teams that work in the field, both urban and rural, and at any moment we are able to pull comprehensive and accurate statistics on exactly what billboards there are in specific areas, who is advertising, what is being advertised, and what condition the billboards are in, amongst other information.

These are invaluable resources, especially in this tight economic climate where every brand truly wants targeted marketing at the most cost-effective rate”, says Erik Warburg, Managing Director of Posterscope.

Posterscope introduced Prism Scene, part of the Prism Tools collection, in 2009 to independently audit the outdoor advertising landscape in South Africa. The past two years have seen a continuous populating of the now vast database of outdoor holdings across all major towns in South Africa’s nine provinces. The database now contains extensive information on over 8,000 sites nationwide, and is constantly being added to and improved. Data fields collected include: size of site, media owner, site reference number, angle of site, road name, road type, town, province, material type, illumination, visibility and condition, amongst others.

Photographs of each site are included in the report (run-up and close-up), as well as an independent rating that takes into account several of the sites’ relevant variables. Data is collected nationally twice a year, and in the four major metropolitan areas quarterly. The reports that are derived from the audit data are extremely user-friendly, as the data is presented in a Google Earth-compatible format.

This allows one to view the data in its geographic context while at the same time being able to access the data unique to each site, such as photographs and the data collected while in field.

Apart from brand reports, competitor reports have also proven to be particularly popular. With other media types (e.g. radio, TV and print) obtaining competitor data is crucial for decision-making.

Until now this has not been possible with outdoor advertising. Obtaining outdoor competitor reports is now possible, and this is being viewed as a vital tool in the campaign-planning process.

Apart from the South African database, Posterscope also has comprehensive data on the major cities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Namibia (nationwide).

About Posterscope South Africa:

Posterscope is the world’s largest out-of-home communications agency, with offices in 21 countries. Posterscope is at the vanguard of cutting edge developments in out-of-home (OOH) such as digital, interactivity and experiential. In South Africa, Posterscope’s mission is to grow OOH to 10% market share of total advertising spend in the next 5 years (currently sitting at 4.6%). At present, the company has approximately 20% of South Africa’s OOH spend under its management, positioning Posterscope as an influential leader in this fast growing category. By helping clients understand what consumers are thinking and how they are spending their time, and by enabling them to communicate with consumers at the right moments and in the best way, Posterscope leads the way in enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns and increasing the media value that advertisers achieve. Furthermore, Posterscope has developed PRISM Benchmark, Forecast and Creative, a proprietary set of tools that ensures that Posterscope delivers the best price against tracked market movements gaining further advantage for their clients, whilst allowing them the opportunity of seeing their “Creative Design” in situ, pre-campaign. No one in this sector offers greater accountability than Posterscope.

About PRISM Tools:

Posterscope South Africa, SA’s leading out-of-home advertising agency, has taken the art of buying out-of-home exposure a step further. The introduction of the Prism Benchmark Tool enables Posterscope’s planners to accurately measure and forecast out-of-home spend across format type, media owner and time of year. The Prism Benchmark Tool has monitored rates paid on out-of-home over a 3-year period. Amongst some of the advantages of Prism Benchmark, Posterscope now has the ability to distinguish which months have the highest billboard usage, thus enabling them to negotiate lower rates during quieter months. Furthermore, Prism Benchmark allows Posterscope to calculate what rates their clients should be paying on any format, and which media owners are the most cost-effective.

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