Posted by: Posterscope SA | July 21, 2011

Posterscope SA launches OCS 2, the second Out of Home Consumer survey

Posterscope, South Africa’s leading Out of Home media agency, has launched OCS 2, their second Out of Home Consumer Survey. OCS 2 is the world’s most in depth study of consumer behaviour in relation to Out of Home advertising.  The first OCS study was launched in 2009 and 2011 sees additional insights being tabled including updated data regarding technology use and direct benchmarking against other above the line media including print and television.

“Consumer insights are a very important facet in making media decisions and historically these insights have been based on assumptions,” said Erik Warburg, Managing Director, Posterscope South Africa. “With OCS 2, the sample of people surveyed is very comprehensive thus these insights are very accurate and will add tremendous value to agencies and companies using Out of Home advertising as their preferred medium.”

Some of the latest insights include:

·      50% of tertiary education students rely on taxis as their mode of transport and a mere 8% drive cars.
·      3 out of 4 males agree that billboards on the main road are influential.
·      76% of students take note of billboards when they are static in traffic.
·      4 out of 5 females between 18 and 24 have been influenced into buying something from electronic billboards inside a grocery store.
·      3 in 10 will respond after seeing a billboard which has an SMS to reply to.
·      Over 70% of women have bought something in a clothing store because of an electronic advert in the store.
·      Over 85% of women trust advertising in shopping centres.
·      1 in 2 males are spending more time on their cellphones than 2 years ago.
·      1 in 4 males think about their finances on their way to work, and 1 in 4 males think about what to eat for dinner on their way home from work.



About Posterscope South Africa

Posterscope is the world’s largest out-of-home communications agency, with offices in 21 countries. Posterscope is at the vanguard of cutting edge developments in out-of-home (OOH) such as digital, interactivity and experiential.

In South Africa, Posterscope’s mission is to grow OOH to 10% market share of total advertising spend in the next 5 years (currently sitting at 4.6%). At present, the company has approximately 20% of South Africa’s OOH spend under its management, positioning Posterscope as an influential leader in this fast growing category.

By helping clients understand what consumers are thinking and how they are spending their time, and by enabling them to communicate with consumers at the right moments and in the best way, Posterscope leads the way in enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns and increasing the media value that advertisers achieve.

Furthermore, Posterscope has developed PRISM Benchmark, Forecast and Creative, a proprietary set of tools that ensures that Posterscope delivers the best price against tracked market movements gaining further advantage for their clients, whilst allowing them the opportunity of seeing their “Creative Design” in situ, pre-campaign.
No one in this sector offers greater accountability than Posterscope.

About OCS

Posterscope’s OOH Consumer Survey (OCS) is the world’s most in-depth study of consumer behaviour in relation to OOH communications and has over 3,000 respondents in SA. Audiences can be segmented attitudinally, behaviourally, or demographically and analysed by environment, with a level of detail unavailable through other syndicated research systems.

New for OCS 2

OCS 2 contains updated data regarding technology use, direct benchmarking against other above-theline media such as TV and print, more industry specific data (including Automotive, Financial, Alcohol, Snacks, Soft Drink, Communication, Electronic and Travel) and how media actually influences buying decisions.


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